Ways to Soothe a Sore Nose

Having a cold or an upper respiratory condition can be a problem in more ways than one. Not only does the body hurt, but the nose can become sore.

After blowing and wiping, again and again, using normal tissues, napkins, or any other paper that happens to be available, the skin is rubbed raw. Use these ways to soothe a sore nose, and ease the pain until tissues are no longer necessary.

Before Using Anything on a Sore Nose

If the skin is broken and is oozing, crusting, or appears to be infected, see a professional healthcare provider as soon as possible. Also, always follow product labeling for directions and warnings before use.

Only Use Tissues with Lotion

Years ago, those with a cold and a sore nose had no other choice but to use standard tissues or hankies, but even the softest varieties finally became irritating. They created more problems by causing a sore nose.

These days tissues include vitamin-enriched lotion, and they will soothe a sore nose while blowing and wiping. Tissues with lotion are the only type I buy, and they work exceptionally well to prevent irritated skin.

Avoid a sore nose to begin with by only using tissues with lotion. Forget about trying to save fifty cents. The savings is not worth the outcome when someone in the family has a cold or another upper respiratory issue that requires the use of tissues.

Kleenex tissues with lotion can be purchased at discount dollar stores at a significantly lower price than grocery stores. Visit Dollar General to find Kleenex brand tissues with lotion for just $1.00 a box. They will help soothe a nose that is already sore.

Apply Petroleum Jelly to a Sore Nose

When trying to soothe a sore nose, try petroleum jelly. Apply a thin layer to the exterior of the nose in between blowing and wiping. It will create a moisture barrier and a layer of protection between the skin and the tissue, no matter which type is used. It will also help soothe a sore nose as the skin heals.

Use Microfiber Clothes Instead of Hankies or Tissues

If tissues with lotion are not available, use microfiber cloths instead of cotton hankies. They are exceptionally soft, and they can be washed and reused. They will help soothe a sore nose when blowing and wiping becomes necessary, and they are far better than scratchy tissues or ordinary fabric hankies.

The article entitled How to Wash Microfiber Cloths provides instructions on how to keep them soft and clean. They have many purposes that go far beyond washing and waxing vehicles and home furnishings, and they make beautiful hankies that will soothe a sore nose.

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