Unusual Garden Stepping Stones

Even a small garden can have a fabulous look when you make decorative items to place in and around it. Maybe you can’t create something astounding, like the Busch Gardens, but your little space can be quite adorable with little effort. One thing that always looks nice in a garden is decorative stepping stones.

Buy them, and it’ll take quite a lot of money to make even a small walkway. Plus, you’ll have stepping stones just like everyone else’s. Make them yourself, though, and you can make many for a fraction of the cost. And, your stepping stones will be unique and different than others.

Nowadays, you can find cake pans in the most adorable shapes. Dora the Explorer, Cinderella, Scooby and other characters are just some of the cake pan shapes you can see. Although you’ll pay quite a bit more for a character-shaped cake pan than you will for a regular pan, you can use it again and again. Use one, or more than one of these containers, to make unique garden stepping stones.

Quick-cement from a home improvement store is not expensive and can help you make many stepping stones. Sold in small bags or larger ones the cement sets up fast. It’s easy to mix in a bucket or container by following the instructions on the packet.

To prepare the cake pan for the cement merely spray it with non-stick cooking spray. Fill the pot with the cement mixture and allow to set for the recommended time stated on the bag. Afterwards, just turn the finished shape out and paint it. Don’t let it fall even a few inches; the stone can crack if you allow it to flop on the ground or another hard surface.

Although it’s not necessary to paint the stepping stone, you’ll give the character or another shape a much more beautiful look if you paint it. This will bring out the eyes, clothing or other features on the image. After painting - and it might take more than one coat - treat the stone with a spray-on, clear lacquer from the same hardware store.

You don’t necessarily have to go with cartoon characters as the theme for your garden stepping stones. With novelty cake pans you can create gems with a sports theme, holiday theme or even a vehicle theme.

It’s fun to make the high stepping stones which will have your garden visitors smiling from ear to ear. And, you’ll be happy to tell them you made the rocks! They’ll be very impressed and so will you!