Otitis in the Elderly

The otitis media is a relatively common ear infection. It consists of an inflammation of the middle ear, cavity inside the temporal bone. It is a very annoying and uncomfortable pathology that requires detection, and early treatment carried out by qualified professionals.

Causes and symptoms of this annoying earache

An earache caused by otitis media is very irritating. This pain, together with an uncomfortable sensation of having a blocked ear, makes it necessary to assist an expert in assessing and treating the ailment professionally.

The cause of otitis media is the obstruction of the eustachian tubes by the accumulation of fluids or mucous membranes. This usually occurs in adults, when you have a viral infection, cold, sinusitis or allergies.

The main symptoms of this pathology are pain and a blocked ear sensation, but sometimes they are accompanied by other side effects such as fever, headache, discomfort, ringing in the ears, vomiting, feeling dizzy or loss of balance.

Earache in elderly people

Otitis media occurs in any person, regardless of age, but the truth is that it is quite common for children under six years and older people.

Among the routine checks performed by older adults, it is essential that a qualified professional pay particular attention to their heating system. Older people, over the years, often experience significant hearing loss.

For this reason, it is advisable that this loss in your hearing faculties be explored by a professional who carries out the relevant tests. However, if the above symptoms accompany that hearing loss, it could be due to otitis media.

The treatment to eradicate an inflammation of the middle ear must be early since this area of the auditory system is extremely sensitive. If the importance that corresponds to the symptoms of otitis media is not given, the evolution of inflammation can have very harmful effects on health. These results can lead to permanent deafness or even perforation of the eardrum.

Prevention is one of the most important measures to preserve the health of our elders in the best possible conditions. A routine revision of your ears is necessary, at least once a year, to improve your hearing health.

It is convenient to use some help that improves your hearing ability, to improve your quality of life. In the market, there are a large number of high-quality hearing aids that will make our elders forget their hearing problems and continue with their usual rhythm of life.

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