Ideas for Gardening Enthusiasts

There is an almost magical pleasure in the feeling of plunging our hands into the earth to transplant a specific plant from one pot to another. It is a sensation that makes us feel more in touch with the planet and that we are related to the vegetal world that surrounds us. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why gardening is one of those hobbies that one can not disengage from once it has begun.

For those who like aesthetics

Every amateur gardener has a favorite plant, one to which he gives special care. For that facility that is the apple of our eyes, the star of our terrace, we have selected an extraordinary pot. Made with corten steel, its oxidized finish gives it a rustic and vintage look. Also, the type of material makes it perfect for outdoor, as it holds moisture well and is easy to keep clean.

To have everything under control.

If we are those who like to have everything under control, this table-shelf for our small plants will seem an ideal gift. This table is practical and adapts to the needs of space that we have in our garden, and with it, we can mount a kind of vertical garden. Perfect, for example, to create a small corner of spices, where everything is in sight. Also, the table has an ideal space to store the tools, the earth or the pots that we have discarded.

Finally, this table can be used to eat. If we remove all the plants, the irons can be easily stored under the board, and we create a perfect terrace table for at least six people.

For the clueless

If you are starting with this gardening or you can not remember the names of the plants, however many times you ask, here is a simple and practical solution for it. These small slates can be nailed in our facility and then write in chalk the name or the care that it requires, which can be very useful also when we leave our garden or terrace under the supervision of a third party with less gardening. With these slates, there will no longer be excuses for each plant to receive the ration of water it needs.

For children

An excellent way to teach children to respect nature is by approaching plants and the world of gardening. That’s why this small garden has seemed a wonderful gift for children this Christmas. Inside this little greenhouse, we find five types of seeds: radishes, watercress, wheat, beans, and lentils. Also, the pack includes a shovel, four pots, a rake, a shower, as well as a brochure that explains step by step how to organize this micro garden.

For lovers of order

The gardens, like the interiors, also require a bit of order and cleanliness. That is why this hand brush and its dustpan is a great detail that cannot be missing in your terrace or garden. Its handles in the unpolished wood give it a rustic and original look, as well as the shapes of the collector that make it almost a piece of unique craftsmanship.

For those who go beyond

For those who are not satisfied with having a beautiful garden, but also want it full of singing birds full of colors, here is an object that cannot miss: a birdhouse, where you can put food to the birds and space where Take shelter and eat quietly when the rain falls. Easy to place in any corner, this model is discreet but very practical.

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