How to Create a Simple Recycling Center at Home

Recycling requires minimal attention and time, yet can only live in so many ways. It affects us immediately when we realize how much less actual trash we have to bag up and put out for the garbage trucks. It affects us and our long-term future by ensuring that there will be less trash in landfills and strewn along our scenic highways.

We’ve all read articles where families are so gonged ho about recycling that they buy all of the most significant brightest bins, and use nifty organic bags rather than the boring plastic kind. The truth is, for many people going to such lengths to recycle isn’t within our budget.

Don’t feel guilty about using those plastic bags. They can all be bunched up and stored in another plastic bag until they can be recycled. Several major retail stores and supermarkets nationwide now have a bin where you can drop off those bags to be recycled free of charge. Let these bags accumulate and drop them off the next time you go shopping.

In many cases, these bags can be re-purposed and use to carry different things from one place to another and then recycled. They can be used as liners for the small desk or bathroom trash cans.

Some people even enjoy crocheting bags and purses out of them. Save the plastic bags and offer them to the local crafter, or better yet, pick up a crochet hook and make a few of your creations. There are many ways to reuse or recycle a plastic bag which costs little to no time and doesn’t cost a penny.

Rather than go out and buy substantial expensive recycling bins, why not buy a few small trash cans? They will cut your investment in half and work just as well. Several different brands offer smaller trash cans for as little as five dollars.

Buy a separate can for each item you plan to recycle and get creative making labels for them. Getting the kids involved will make them feel good about themselves and encourage them to recover. Ask to draw pictures of the items that will fill the bins, then tape them on the cans.

Filling the bins themselves may not sound fun at first. Know in mind that it only takes a second to break down cardboard. It only takes a minute to drain and rinse a plastic milk jug. It just requires a minute to double check and make sure everything is in the right bin.

These minutes are a small time investment that will affect our children and theirs long after we’re gone.