Home Remedies for Ankle Pain

The ankle can have a lot of problems. It bears our weight, helps us move and has a lot of bones. The first part of any remedy for ankle pain is to find out why it hurts. Once that is done, home remedies may come in handy in helping solve the issue.

RICE: Rest, ice, compression and elevation can be used for almost all ankle issues, at least in the beginning. For the first forty-eight to seventy-two hours, ice is best. After that, your doctor may suggest heat or to alternate between heat and ice.

Herbal Remedies: Willow bark and Gotu kola can be used either as a poultice or hot wrap. If you are to aspirin allergic or are under eighteen years of age, don’t use willow. The chemicals in it are the same as that found in aspirin.

Exercise: At some point, strengthening exercises and physical therapy may be needed to rebuild strength in the joint. Don’t be surprised if aquatic physical treatment is recommended. The water reduces the weight load and increases resistance, which could help you heal faster.

Types of Shoes: Two things to consider. They type of shoe you wear could be the cause of your ankle problem. No matter how good they look, high heels can do a lot of damage. It is far better to find and wear sensible shoes.

The other thing to consider is finding shoes with negative heel inclination. This type of shoe helps you to stand up straight, and it reduces the wear and tear of joint damage in more than the ankles. It can help all the way up to your spine.

Avoid Limping: There are times when limping merely can’t be helped. When that’s the case, using crutches might be a better answer. Limping throws your balance off and increases the load on other body parts. You may have to spend time practicing. How do I know? I had to relearn to walk correctly after my knee healed. It took about a week before I could successfully walk without a limp.

Pain Medications: If you can avoid them, I recommend that. If you can’t, take the lowest dose possible. This doesn’t just mean prescriptions, it also means over the counter medications. All of them have a potential for serious bodily harm. While we’re on the subject, if you do need them, take them before the pain gets severe. It’s easier to prevent illness from starting than it is to stop it once it has.

All of these topics are things that you should talk to your doctor about. Each person is different, each case is different, and a blanket set of rules may not cover everyone. Your doctor will understand and be able to guide you.

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