Deep Sleep

Medical specialists consider deep sleep to be the savior of the body due to its capacity to restore the work capacity and functions of our body.

During sleep muscles relax, breathing becomes rarer, blood pressure decreases. And cellular exchanges increase. The researchers have found that during sleep brain activates the same regions that were active during the day.

The brain resumes these events at speed seven times higher than they occur throughout the day. During sleep, the data is passed from short-term memory into the long term.

All the information with which the brain operates has emotional connotation. Even negative sensitive data is processed to obtain stability; in the future when we meet the same situation again, the mind will know what behavior to choose in order not to suffer.

Therefore remember some basic rules that ensure a quality sleep:

  • Do not go to bed angry. Within an hour before rest should cease all work and avoid annoying discussions.

  • A short walk before bed can calm us and encourages sleep.

  • Go to bed every day at the same hour; this creates a reflex which facilitates falling asleep. Similar mechanisms explain why to sleep more efficiently in the same bed, on the same pillow, in the same environment, and in the same position.

  • Do not go to sleep right after dinner. Between dinnertime and the bedtime, there should be 2-3 hours because gastric digestion makes it harder to fall asleep and may promote scary dreams. Also, avoid spicy or fatty foods at dinner.

  • Do not drink coffee or too much alcohol in the evening because they are nervous system stimulants.

  • Ventilate the room before bedtime; fresh air ensures a restful sleep.

  • A warm bath or shower not too hot at least an hour before sleep is more than welcome and can often replace sleeping pills.

  • Do not get used sleeping pills on a regular basis. Usually, they become very fast addictive, and you will not be able to fall asleep without them. Also, sleeping pills act only on the symptoms and do not solve the real causes of insomnia.

  • The afternoon nap is for children and older people. A prolonged siesta can cause difficulties falling asleep at bedtime.