As the traffic in the cities becomes chaotic and unbearable, the bicycle has become an excellent transportation option for towns; just fix your eyes to a busy street or avenue, and you will see that the number of travelers on bicycles has increased exponentially - and not only are they young.

But what about those who, over the years, have lost confidence in their abilities to pedal on streets infested with cars? The answer is more straightforward than it seems, because as the saying goes: “it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget.” Everything is a matter of which you decide to return to ride a bike, and for this, I have some tips for you to acquire or conditions a bike that is suitable for you.

The right bike for older people

Without being a party pooper, or making me the young man - that I am not at all - you should be aware that over the years our physical capacities are decreasing. And because many older people often have physical problems that have to be dealt with, Keep in mind that your bike has some characteristics appropriate for your age and that it gives you safety and comfort when driving.

The veteran cyclists should consider that their bicycles have comfortable saddles. That the geometry of your frame reduces stress to the body, that is lower or upper tubes, with an inclination with which they feel comfortable, and handlebars that allow them to be vertical or as upright as they pedal, as much as possible.

That would be like the most general, but as I mentioned, if you have not ridden a bike since your youth, you may not be aware of how light and efficient modern bicycles are.

With the different types of bicycles that are manufactured today, there is always a bike to satisfy the tastes and needs of each of the users and regardless of their age.

So let’s analyze in more detail the points mentioned above.

The style of the bike

Bicycles that are more comfortable to drive for all users, but I assure you that they will be ideal for those riders with more years behind, are those whose geometry or design has lower tubes or with a suitable inclination that allows them to pedal while sitting in an upright position.

That means that it would be good to look for a cruise or cruiser type, or a bicycle of the urban model. These bikes have the handlebar with a higher height that allows you to sit positioned backward, so you do not bend.

Also, they have tires or wide tires that will provide a smoother and more comfortable ride, but remember that the covers do not necessarily have segments or studs, as these are not the most suitable for the city. There are some drawings uniquely designed for the pavement or less rugged terrain, which will present less friction on the running surface, which translates into less effort for you.

Comfortable saddles

Older cyclists should look for seats between 20 and 30 centimeters wide at the back, with extra gel padding to comfortably accommodate the bones. Consider a saddle that relieves pressure on the perineum; those with a deep ditch in the center are ideal. Keep in mind that currently, they manufacture seats with pads on both sides, which will be suitable for you to recharge all your weight.

Try to have a cover that prevents rubbing and preferably with a textile technology that absorbs moisture. Although it does not seem that the selection of the saddle is important, mainly if you will use the bicycle frequently, do not make mistakes when choosing the seat of your bike.

How about a folding?

Due to its size and its low frame, these are ideal for easy up and down of them. And the best thing is that the current designs are straightforward to fold and you can combine them with public transport; get in a taxi or car with simplicity and comfort.

They are lightweight and do not need more space for storage, so being the owner of a folding bike will open a sea of possibilities where you can use your bike, and the moment you get tired, just fold it and use another type of transport.

Have you thought about an electric bicycle?

Maybe you want to save all the traffic of driving a car, but do not have the desire or the physical condition to pedal for a few kilometers or, for any slope that is during your journey, well, the solution is simple. An electric bicycle or e-bike will be ideal for you.

And since one of its most significant advantages, is its ability to increase the efficiency of your pedaling, it will be straightforward to go further and climb higher slopes, without the need to exert more effort. But attentive, that does not mean that you are not going to pedal since that is one of the differences with electric scooters; an electric bike, it only assists you in driving.

Some benefits of the bicycle in old age

Regardless of your age, using the bicycle in addition to keeping fit, will add some years to your life expectancy, and this is confirmed by the studies. So why waste the last years of your life sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Exercising - in the measure of your physical condition - regularly on a bike will keep you fit and alert, as well as helping you to reduce stress, depression and, it will help you to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, which tend to develop with age.