5 Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip

The name for this condition sounds as bad as the condition itself.

Postnasal drip is part of a natural process that’s taking place in your body all of the time. You just don’t usually notice it, which is just the way we like it.

Every day, your body produces mucus that, among other things, traps germs, allergens, and other unpleasant things. You usually swallow this mucus without even realizing it, and the bacteria and allergens are purged from your body through your digestive system.

But, sometimes, this postnasal drip makes its presence known unpleasantly. This can happen because, thanks to a cold, your body is producing more mucus than usual, making you aware of a process you can usually ignore.

Cold weather can also dry up the mucus a bit, making it thicker, and more noticeable than it often is.

There’s nothing pleasant about noticeable postnasal drip. And here are some home remedies that can help you deal with the situation.

Use a Humidifier to Fight Postnasal Drip

If dry nasal passages are the cause of your postnasal drip, a humidifier might help.

At home, set up a humidifier in the rooms you’re in the most. This can help thin up the mucus enough that you can go back to not noticing it.

Choose Saline Sprays Over Decongestants

When dealing with postnasal drip, you might feel tempted to reach for a decongestant. However, a saline spray, which will help thin the mucus, is a better alternative.

Gargling with salt water can also help those suffering from postnasal drip. Just add half a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water, and gargle with this mixture a few times a day.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids can help with postnasal drip. Drinking lots of water or tea can help with postnasal drainage, sending any mucus stuck at the back of your throat on its way.

Drinking lots of fluids can also help moisten up nasal passages, which will make that dry, thickened mucus thinner, easier to swallow, and less noticeable.

Avoid Spicy Foods

You might love spicy foods but, if you’re dealing with postnasal drip, spicy foods could aggravate your condition, making it even worse.

Blow Your Nose

If your nose isn’t running, you might not even think of blowing your nose. But doing so could ease postnasal drip immensely by removing some of the excess mucus.