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Veteran Diabetes and Sleep Diabetic Health

Most veterans just do not understand the importance of diabetes and sleep to retain their right diabetic health. Although sleep is essential to everyone's health, to the diabetic, it can also be a life-giving bodily function. Check this grocery list for diabetics before you read next.

The medical community requests seven to eight hours of sleep per night for all of the population. Many people fall very short of these levels though on a daily basis.

Without these numbers, up to 50% of your memory skills and attention span is lost, increased moodiness and depression is prevalent but most important is your increase in insulin resistance. Having diabetes and sleep, whether its irregular or non-existent sleep cycles, raise your blood sugars and makes the job of active control almost impossible, even with medication.

A vicious cycle has just been set up. Lack of sleep starts with insulin resistance thus uncontrolled blood sugars. This then leads to more frequent and more severe diabetic complications.

Common Factors Which Render Lack Of Sleep

There are five significant conditions which lead to us getting ineffective sleep. Any of these three in combination or by themselves will affect diabetes and sleep cycles.

  • Change in your regular sleep patterns -this can relate to anything which disrupts your body's usual routine. Going to bed later, longer intervals till falling asleep, restlessness or waking up frequently during the night, unusual sounds or odors which are pulling you out of sleep, anything which causes you to spend all or some of your night waiting and wishing for rest.
  • Medications -many heart medicines, allergy meds or blood pressure medications will affect your sleep cycle
  • Obesity, arthritis, and diabetes are all linked to poor sleep
  • Taking a long nap during the daytime will affect your nighttime sleep
  • Becoming dependent on sleeping pills eventually leads to insomnia, moodiness, irritability, and depression

So for effective control of both diabetes and sleep cycles, make it a priority by setting up a nightly bedtime routine which you consistently follow. Take a relaxing bath, brush your teeth, change into your pajamas and be in bed at least 7-8 hours before you must start your next day's routine.

By following a consistent schedule of the same time to bed and the same to rise in the AM, you automatically train your inner sleep cycle to want to sleep and want to raise on a repeating cycle each and every day.

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